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Pharmacy's new owner looking for input


April 10, 2019

Brendan Relaford

NEW OWNER: Yvonne Ngugi is the new owner of K-C Pharmacy. She has big ideas for service in mind.

Yvonne Ngugi is the new owner of the KC Pharmacy on Goldendale's Main Street. Her journey began just shy of 3,000 miles east in Massachusetts, where she was raised. In 2011 She received a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences in Vermont, then relocated to Houston, Texas, where she moved up from pharmacy management to primary pharmacist at Walgreens. While in Houston, she decided to make the move on purchasing her own business with the desire to live and work in a small-town rural environment.

KC Pharmacy was put up for sale in March 2017, and Ngugi decided to go all-in and purchase the business, which she did March 1 this year. Goldendale is a perfect fit as she has family out west in Tacoma and a cousin who is studying pharmaceutical science that plans to join Ngugi at the pharmacy upon completion of his studies.

"The reason to leave Houston is that I was looking to relocate to a small community. And I love being in a community where everyone knows everybody," Ngugi said.

Asked what she had in mind for future plans for the pharmacy, she started with a question / comment drop-box on the counter so she could get a feel for what the public would like to see improved. In the past, the pharmacy has had to deal with severe prescription costs and lack of accepted insurance carriers. Ngugi explained that the entire business model will be analyzed and hopefully provide more affordable services. A new program that is being launched is local immunization shots for influenza, pneumonia, and shingles, which will provide affordable costs and no travel expenses. She also plans to hold workshops that focus on dietary regimens that are specific to certain needs such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


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