By Lou Marzeles

GOP law makers post anti-tax documents


Lou Marzeles

OLYMPIA SNAPSHOTS: The "Tax-a-Palooza" sign put by Republicans in the hallway of the state capitol senate section.

There are demilitarized zones in Olympia. They consist of aisles that run between rows of desks in the Senate and House of Representatives. There's an uneasy truce that more or less keeps the peace along the DMZs, but it doesn't take much for confrontation to erupt. The most damaging may be the ignominy hurled upon Republicans, as they see it, by the ruling Democrats who saw no reason to permit their party opponents to join in discussions on the state budget.

"They don't feel we need to be there," said one Republican observer Wednesday in the capitol who preferred to remain unnamed. "They control the statehouse and both houses of the Legislature. We're irrelevant as far as they're concern...

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