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Sneaky incompetence

Under the cover of darkness, Washington State lawmakers were plotting on how to stick it to the tax payer. They called it a budget session, but actually it was a tax session. The problem isn’t that there are not enough taxes, the problem is they suffer from a spending disorder. Were there any budget reductions? No! There was an 18 percent increase over the current budget.

The Republicans denounce tax increases because of the recent forecast that showed more money coming into the state ($50.6 billion). But the majority leadership was bound and determined that they were going to get their tax increases. The B&O tax didn’t even show up until Friday, with no chance of going to committee for discussion. The B&O tax is nationally recognized as the worst way to tax business. It cripples private sector business, agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, and all aspects of commerce. The result is price increases in goods and services. Who gets hurt the worst? Hard-working people trying to support their families, people on fixed incomes, the elderly, and the poor. And they’re still moving forward on yet more new taxes.

I truly believe this present leadership is the worst bunch of politicians in the history of Washington State.

Delmer Eldred



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