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'EXOTIC' ANIMAL: Who would have thought about a prairie dog as a pet? Well, someone has.

Have you ever thought of owning an "exotic" pet? Back in the day, when I was a kid, it was relatively easy to buy anything from a lion cub to an alligator; the old Fredrick and Nelson store in downtown Seattle sold some pretty crazy exotic pets as I remember.

Times have changed, and due in part to some folks not taking adequate care of their exotic pets, laws have been passed restricting the types of pets legal to own. These laws have gone a bit over-board-for example, you can legally shoot a crow out of the sky and kill it, but if you take it home to nurse it back to health, you can end up a felon. This is true of any "migratory" bird (even though crows don't migrate) in the nation. No,...

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