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By Guest Editorial Roger Harnack
Publisher & Editor, the Colville Statesman Examiner 

Tell the 'employees' to get their hands out of your wallet


At work and at home, we all have to make ends meet. We look at how much money we have and decide what we can afford. If our bank accounts are low, we hold off spending, ask for a raise or save money.

Unfortunately, given the outcome of this year’s legislative session, lawmakers in Olympia don’t think they have to do the same.

The biennial budget that came out of the session will hit the $52.4 billion mark for the first time in history. The new tax increases that go with the budget are estimated to be $25 billion over the next 10 years.

To pay for the massive increase in state spending, lawmakers saw fit to take more out of your paycheck.

We need to remind lawmakers who they work for...

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