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BookMobile is on the way



LADDER TO SUCCESS: Lyle School students were at The Dalles Dam on June 10 and watched sturgeon headed up the fish ladder.

The Book Mobile is coming to the Lyle Activity Center every other Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Erin Krake says that besides the trove of books to choose from, there will be story time and crafts and invites everyone for something special. It sounds like it would be time well spent, and encourage people to read a little more during the summer. Without verification, I believe this event started on Wednesday, June 12.

Checking out the Lyle School website, I ran across this: "Talk about keeping them learning right up to the last day! Josh Padgett's STEM class took a tour of The Dalles Dam on Monday, June 10, and got to see a lot of fascinating technology up close, thanks to the ranger who led the tour and parent Monte Olson, who's an electrician there."

Padgett notes they stopped on quite a few floors and looked at different components like batteries, transformers and other necessary parts in the power generation process.

The students also looked at the fish ladder and saw three huge sturgeon, had lunch, and headed over to the spillway. They got to go out on the piers and see the spillway up close (and a few of them got completely soaked!).

Although not in competition with the Gorge Grown Mobile Market, the Lyle School has its own garden that has been lovingly attended to by many willing and eager students during their free time. Now, as summer is approaching, they are looking for a few helpers and some materials, such as:

Volunteer workers are needed to help set up the drip irrigation system and to water and tend to the beds over the summer.

Compost and/or potting soil is needed. Can you chip in on the cost of a load of compost from Dirt Huggers (or another company)? Could you buy an extra bag of compost to contribute to the school?

They'd also love a couple more garden boxes. Currently, the garden is using older fruit boxes from a local orchard. We may be able to get the donation but could use help moving the boxes.

Finally-like devoted gardeners everywhere-they'd like donations of seeds and/or starts. It's always nice to be able to start or tuck a few more plants as others stop being productive. Can you help? Call (509) 365-2191 and leave a message.


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