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By Lou Marzeles

Local author speculates on Jesus' early life


Lou Marzeles

NEW INSIGHTS ON AN OLD STORY: Goldendale's Beverly Ann Reed holds her new book The Early Life of Jesus Our Messiah. Based on her study of Judaic customs at the time of Christ, Reed's book is a novel about details of Jesus' early life that are not recounted in the New Testament.

Beverly Ann Reed of Goldendale describes her new book, The Early Life of Jesus Our Messiah, as "creative non-fiction" in her introduction, and the literary field would put it under historical fiction. The classification is significant when you're dealing with a novel about the early life of Jesus.

Reed teaches about Jewish customs and traditions. That comes out of her faithful observance of Messianic Christianity, a religious branch that emphasizes Jesus as the fulfillment of the messianic expectation of Judaism as well as following Judaism itself because that's what Jesus himself did. It's sort of transplanting Jesus as messiah on top of Judaism. That background as a Messianic Christian...

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