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By Mildred Lykens
Lyle News 

Be careful with your fireworks


Congratulations are in order for our 2019 Lyle Seniors. I know how hard it is to please all those teachers by complying with their demands of achieving sufficient grades to get your 12 year diploma. Some of you will move forward and strive to accomplish more degrees, while others will start their careers with this one. I hope and pray that each of you obtain your goals and become the person you want to be. Become someone who you are proud of, and those teachers you thought were so demanding, pushy, and mean—they will be, too.

Those who know me or have read my column for years know that I am a strong advocate for making laws that would prohibit fireworks inside residential areas. This would protect homes from neighbors who choose to shoot off fireworks in their backyards—that are attached to other people’s back yards. There are usually trees or shrubs that separate the two, or maybe a wooden fence, any of which can be ignited by fireworks that would be just as beautiful if launched in a safe zone, away from those homes and trees and fields of dry grass. Illegal fireworks are ignited every year, and those that leave the ground and light up the sky in all their beauty can also malfunction and veer off into someone’s lifelong security. Please take those fireworks to a designated area and share them with the smart people who are already there.

There is a Three Ring Battle taking place. In the arenas we have Owners vs. Weeds. In the green corners we have the Owners, and in the yellow corners we have the Weeds. In the first arena, when the bell gongs the Owner comes out swinging and gives the Weeds a KO in the first round. In the second arena we have the fight lasting longer, causing the girl in the bikini to strut around carrying the Round Number sign many times, but Owner never gives up, and receives a TKO. In the third arena the Owner doesn’t seem to want to leave his stool. He wants to lean back, let his manager spray him with water, and wait for the yellow corner to fight other adversaries (fire). Which arena are you in? I will cheer on those who continue the fight, but those who throw in the towel before they even stand up—shame on you.


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