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Whats the rush?

Washington State’s new voter registration is plagued with problems. What’s the hurry to put it in for the primary before it has been completely tested?

I really do think we are not getting the whole story. What’s the reason for spending $9.5 million for new system, then not testing every part of the new system before the March 10 primary? My concern is some voters will not receive ballots and votes could be miss counted. I guess to simply put it, voting can be manipulated to keep Democrats in control of the state. The primary is just a test to see if what they want will work on the general election.

Delmer Eldred


Vanishing voter tasks

It’s time to talk about vanishing voter responsibility. Voters have at least three major responsibilities: 1) stay informed from primary sources of factual information, 2) use critical thinking skills to determine best policies and candidates, and 3) Vote in every election (not just for POTUS). (What are primary sources of information? https://bit.ly/2IIsj3w)

Because way too many Americans have been avoiding these responsibilities, as a society, we have voted against our own best interests. And adding to Norm Luther’s agreeable commentary, the electorate has elected both corporate Democrats and Republicans who have demonstrated they are remarkably similar.

That is, for the past 20-30 years, voters have both increasingly abdicated their oaths of office. By their actions (check out their voting records and what legislation has been blocked), they have asserted their loyalty to their billionaire puppeteers a/k/a corporate donors and to establishing an oligarchy, while undermining our social democratic republic and disregarding the needs of all but the wealthiest of Americans—all this while supporting corporate profit at any cost, including the high cost of environmental destruction (poisoned air, water, and food), of disregarding climate change, of wars for oil and profit, of damage to our jobs and economy from Wall Street gamboling, of social injustices, of deregulated and unsafe industries, and so much more.

In fact, we the people need to take responsibility for our past voting (and non-voting) choices. We ought to charge Republicans and corporate Democrats (members of Congress, POTUS, illegitimate members of the SCOTUS), ALEC, and their billionaire corporate donors with sedition and crimes against humanity.

Check this source: https://bit.ly/2Ne60Hd (United States Code: Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2383-2384.) The legal definition of “force” is not limited to physical violence: https://dictionary.thelaw.com/force.

Steve Heitmann

White Salmon

Insidious Insinuations

A wise sage once observed that when the liberal wrestles with his conscience, he always wins. The so-called pride flag flown over the DSHS office bore an eerie resemblance to a flag raised over a victory mosque built over a conquered territory. A useful question to ask on the front end of every government-sponsored disaster is, who started it? The answer is invariably the progressive Democrat. Like so many other social schemes by the Left, it preaches Orwellian “anti-words” like tolerance and diversity but has a single political outcome featuring conflict, upheaval, and perennial revolution, which is the real goal.

The Left purposely farms many anti-social behaviors into American society and is especially fixated regarding the regendering of other people’s kids. Parents and taxpayers get to pay for the privilege. Doubtless this radicalization process is another example of pride. Like all sin, homosexuality is immoral according to the absolute standard set by the Bible, and no amount of human obfuscation or relativism can or will ever justify it, however it’s brewed up or painted over by human efforts.

In a perhaps apocryphal remark, a Soviet general once said if he control and change the meaning of common words, he wouldn’t need an army to defeat his foe. This is the case for the misuse of the word “pride.” This wax-nose technique is commonly employed by both Democrats and moderate Republicans alike to propagandize kids beginning with the five year old kindergartner and continuing in a sustained and seamless effort through the 12th grade by self-professed child advocates.

Homosexuality and its variants are wrong because it violates God’s Word, explaining why it is so devastating to the individual and society.

Mike Goodpaster

Glenda Enderby



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