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By Diane Jessup
For The Sentinel 

Animal Companion Algae



WATER DANGER: Be careful of the kind of water your dog gets into. Sometimes it can be deadly.

Summer brings good times for people and their dogs, but a little-known hazard can bring unexpected tragedy. It did for a Washington state woman who chose to spend Mother's Day this year walking her dog, Clue, along trails at Anderson Lake State Park. Even though her dog was on leash the entire time, at one point the dog contacted with the lake water along the side of the trail.

Three hours later the dog was dead.

Clue had accidentally stepped into a lake which was experiencing a bloom of "blue-green" algae (cyanobacteria). This toxic growth is most common during summer months and in water bodies that experience very little in-flow and out-flow. The algae bloom is described as looking "foa...

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