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Eastern Washington group out to unseat all Republicans


August 21, 2019

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is reviling Republican leadership and declared its intention to create political content to challenge every Republican legislator running for either state or federal positions in Washington State leading up to the 2020 elections.

The group is called Question PAC is a non-profit independent expenditure 527 group (i.e., a “Super PAC”) located in Ephrata, Washington.

The group was founded in April of 2018 by former talk-radio producer Charles Wiegand, who is using his broadcasting and publicity training to disrupt the political environment in rural Washington.

“The media landscape around here makes it so that the average news consumer is hardly ever exposed to a progressive point of view. Much of the political content in rural Washington that isn’t in the middle of this unbalanced media teeter-totter is sitting firmly on the Republican side, and that’s a disservice to Washington voters,” said Wiegand.

“And considering the chaos, corruption and cruelty that the Republican Party has been willing to inflict on the United States, it’s easy to say with certainty and moral clarity that any politician who identifies with the GOP is not capable of being a good politician, because the GOP itself is incapable of good governance.”

Question PAC says it intends to reach out heavily on new media platforms as well as extensive Spanish-language outreach in order to inform unengaged and undecided voters.

“The last thing any GOP politician running in Washington wants is to be tied directly to the absurdity of the Trump administration as well as destructive Republican policies such as their attacks on health care, their tax cut giveaway, and their cruel migrant policies,” said Wiegand. “And that’s the first thing that Question PAC will be doing.”


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