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By Diane Jessup
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Meet the Breeds, Part I – The Siberian Husky


August 28, 2019


KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO: Siberian huskies can be adorable, but learn all you can about this hardy breed before you get one.

Few dogs are as stunning in appearance as a well-bred black and white Siberian husky with bright blue eyes. Besides good looks, the sled dog breeds share an ancient and noble history of rugged service to humans. These dogs are unique in their ability to thrive in severe conditions; pulling heavy loads on scanty diets and left to lie out in blizzards with no protection. There is a lot to respect and admire about the Siberian husky-but really understanding their genetic background is imperative to knowing if they will be the right breed for you.

Often a movie or television show will end up making a breed popular; Big Red caused a boom in Irish setters, 101 Dalmatians made that breed a fad....

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