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August 28, 2019

Make your choice

What kind of America do you want? Capitalism and socialism are not compatible. We are reaching a crossroad in 2020 between the two, and we have candidates that are embracing socialist agendas.

They’re promising free education, free health care for all including illegal aliens, payoff of student loans, housing, and the New Green Deal. Nothing is free; we are talking trillions of dollars that would overwhelm the United States economy.

Socialism is basically a bait and switch scam that begins with great promises and ends in misery. Socialism is not compassionate; it is sold on the premise of equality, which (except for the elite) means everyone is equally poor.

Capitalism has its ups and downs, but it is by far the fairest system there is. It represents the marketplace of goods, and the marketplace of ideas, where an individual can create his own successes and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

People have left socialist countries and sacrificed everything to get to America. They’ve left behind loved ones, spent most of what money they had to get here, and even risked their lives. They don’t want to go back to socialism. The ones in this country who are espousing socialism have never lived under the government-controlled system.

The silent majority has to let its voice be heard. The elections at this point are very important, whether they be local, state, or federal. It comes down to: do you want freedom or socialism?

Delmer Eldred


We need an apology

As reported by The Sentinel in the Aug. 21 edition, newly appointed councilwoman Jane Roberts berated citizens at the last Goldendale city council meeting for being willing to invest in the healthcare of pets and livestock, but not people. Ms. Roberts correlated the “No” vote on the KVH bond with the quality services available at our local veterinary clinics and concluded that animals receive better care than humans in Goldendale!

Who should be more insulted by Ms. Roberts’ thoughtless, on-the-record comments: the Klickitat County voters who didn’t think it needful or fiscally responsible to tax property owners for three large surgical suites, meeting space, and dining facility; or the healthcare professionals who devote their lives to caring for the human medical needs of the community?

For a town of its size, Goldendale offers a surprising number of medical services to all people, and facilities are far from shoddy. No one in need gets turned away. If the veterinary clinics are newer and nicer, it’s because animal owners who use their services actually pay for those services with their own money. People are free to pay for what they want.

Those who voted “Yes” on the KVH bond did so because they care about people. Those who voted “No” also did so because they care about people. The difference is our philosophies of how to best help others. Neither side is uncaring.

Jane Roberts owes us all an apology, and it would be nice to read it in the pages of this newspaper next week.

Mark and Cheri Harris



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