By Genevieve Shuey

Bird migration count keeps track of who's passing through


September 18, 2019


FAMILY PORTRAIT: A male Western Bluebird with three fl edgling chicks pose for the bird migration count. The picture was taken at the Klickitat Wildlife Area last June.

Bob Hansen has a job any cat would love. In the 1990s he began counting migrating bird species in this area, initiating the Klickitat County Migration counts after he'd participated in similar counts in Oregon.

Hansen says bird migration "is taking place somewhere, some place all the time and in different ways-north to south, south to north, east to west, west to east, highlands to lowlands, and lowlands to highlands." Birds such as turkey vultures, osprey, flycatchers, warblers, swallows, vaux swift, and loggerhead shrike are heading south after summering in Klickitat County to breed. Waterfowl, scaup, bald eagles, northern shrike, rough-legged hawk, and occasionally snowy owls are winte...

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