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September 25, 2019

September 21, 1887 - 132 Years Ago

One of the teachers at the Goldendale Academy has adopted a novel plan to break scholars of chewing gum during school hours. She takes the gum away from each one she catches until along at a late hour in the day when the last caught is compelled to ascend the platform and chew at one time all the gum she has captured.

September 17, 1904 – 115 Years Ago

County Superintendent Emma Clanton says that more teachers are needed for the schools of Klickitat County and are difficult to get, as a shortage prevails. If there are any teachers in neighboring counties desiring to come to Klickitat, they would do well to apply. Terms run from three to six months in each school; but usually eight to ten months’ work is attainable by changing from one district to another. Salaries run from $40 to $50 monthly. Further, our climate is delightful; society agreeable; entertainments and socials numerous; and lastly, food for the inner man of infinite variety. Teachers, why not come?

September 19, 1929 – 90 Years Ago

City Attorney John McEwen has been instructed by the town council to prepare an ordinance relative to the parking of cars on Main Street. It is proposed to discontinue parking of cars in the middle of the street and instead park on a 45-degree angle at the curb, with the front of the cars toward the curb. The parking of cars in the middle of the street leads more or less to confusion, especially to outsiders who are not familiar with the system, and makes accidents more likely. It is a system that was generally in vogue in towns having wide streets for some time but has since been abandoned, and parking at the curb substituted therefore in most places. It is also understood the ordinance will forbid the parking of cars on the streets after 2 o’clock a.m.

September 21, 1972 - 47 Years Ago

Goldendale’s Hall Hotel entered a new phase this week when it traded operation as a transient hotel for a “rooms by the month” rental establishment. It is the first major change in the hotel’s 69-year history. In recent years trade drifted to the motels with parking at the doors of each unit. Although ground-floor rooms have been kept modern and have enjoyed the demand of regular callers, in recent months they, too, have been rented by the month. The third floor has been closed to transient use for the last two years.

September 27, 1979 – 40 Years Ago

The Klickitat County Public Utility District Board was told Tuesday that two Enerteck 1500 wind turbines will be installed on county farms by the end of October. One of the farms belongs to Ed Hoctor of Goldendale, the other Elmer Beeks of Dallesport. Bonneville Power Administration will install the two units as part of a five-year wind power test. It is believed they will supply 50 to 60 percent of each household’s power except heating.


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