By Lou Marzeles

Letter confusing residents


October 16, 2019


GOLDENDALE GOING 'SANCTUARY'?: A recent fundraising letter has Goldendale residents wondering if the governor declared Goldendale a sanctuary city.

A letter written by a man calling himself "America's Sheriff" has people in Goldendale scratching their heads over highly confusing language. Readers brought copies of the letter to The Sentinel asking if we'd heard news of Goldendale being proclaimed a sanctuary city by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Answer: no, because the governor can't proclaim any city to be a sanctuary city. Goldendale Mayor Mike Canon had not heard of any such claim or the letter in question. But the letter is definitely confusing to many people. In its closing pitch, it warns, "Thanks for warning me that Goldendale, Washington, may be one of the communities to be declared a 'Sanctuary City.'" The letter paints dire pictures of...

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