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October 23, 2019

She's the one

I received my official ballot in the mail, and there is one particular race I wanted to give my opinion on.

I served as a school board member for two very stressful but very meaningful years. My time on the board provided me with an opportunity to see who certain people really were and what they are capable of. With that in mind, I will be voting for Beth Schroder. I’ve known Beth since high school; we graduated GHS in 1998. Beth and I were voted onto the school board the same year, so we spent a lot of time learning the ropes together. She has some fantastic ideas for how to improve the district. She helped guide this district as it went through a very dark time. It is hard to explain how much hard work she put in over that time, and I can in no way tell you all the difficult decisions that she has faced. She is an able leader, she loves this community, she has a child in the school, and she is incredibly intelligent.

Since the time I stopped being on the board, Beth has continued to make wise decisions for this district as part of the board. She helped make hard decisions with necessary cuts to help balance the budget, helped guide the selection of a new superintendent, and served as the board chair. I appreciate that Beth is willing to listen to concerns that parents and community members have, making sure they get addressed and dealt with in the best ways possible. At times we can be tempted to vote for a new face simply because they aren’t what we have had. But in this case the person who has been on the board should remain in the position, not simply because of the good decisions she has made but because she genuinely is a person of good character who cares for our community, our school, and our children. Please join me in voting for Beth Schroder for Goldendale School District Position 1.

Alex Gorrod


Who was this guy?

Back in the early 1960s when I had a paper route, there was an elderly fellow who lived in Goldendale. In the summer he would walk to Maryhill and back almost every day. He wouldn’t accept rides.

His nickname was “the Mayor of Maryhill.” He always wore dark-colored clothes with a black hat. I have asked every elderly resident of Goldendale I can think of what his name was. I have had no luck!

All the old-timers I ask about his name say, “Oh, yeah, I remember him, but I can’t remember his name.” The last name of Day sticks to mind, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

I would appreciate anyone knowing his name to contact me so I can satisfy my curiosity. (And, by the way, share it with The Sentinel.)

Mark Doubravsky


Here's why she's the one

Beth Schroder is the better candidate for Goldendale School District Board of Directors Position 1. Here are the reasons we are voting for Beth:

She’s a long-time local resident. Beth knows our rural, small-town culture, its families, and its schools. She understands our community values because she lives them.

She’s a parent. Beth knows what kids need and what parents expect from their schools because she’s a mom.

She has relevant experience. Beth is currently a Goldendale school board member and was previously involved in PTO and PTA. For years Beth has been active in working with other parents, teachers, and community members to meet the needs of local students. She has been working hard to solve the problems created by recent state legislation that burdens and threatens the viability of our local schools.

Beth Schroder’s local life experience makes her the better choice. Please join us in voting for Beth for Goldendale School District Board of Directors Position 1.

Mark and Cheri Harris


We need a change

State revenues projected to increase by nearly $5 billion, yet lawmakers still raised taxes by more than $1 billion.

Now the Department of Revenue is requesting $4.1 million in 2020 supplemental budget to cover the added costs. They say that it will take an additional 44 people to handle the awesome task of collecting the new taxes.

This is because of the 32 new revenue bills that were adopted in the last session, such as HB 2167, which was one of the Title Only Bills used to circumvent the state constitution.

These lawmakers are addicted to taxing and spending. So hold on to your wallet if you think they aren’t already plotting tax increases for the next session. If you do, you are sadly mistaken.

The normal rule is not to raise taxes during an election year, but I don’t think that is going to slow down their relentless pursuit. They are ambitiously working for a pay-per mile tax and maybe a capital gains or income tax. The pay-per mile tax cannot replace the gas tax until all bonds that are guaranteed by the gas tax are paid off or restructured, which could take 25 years. With this deal, you will pay both.

The provision for a gas tax was put in the Washington State Constitution in November 1944, under the 18th Amendment Article 2 Section 40. It states all funds collected under the Motor Vehicle fuel tax is exclusively for highway purposes. You’ve seen how well that worked out. They continually siphon money out of the Department of Transportation, and the money just disappears and there’s nothing to show for it.

If we don’t change the governor and the Legislature in 2020, it’s just going to get worse.

Delmer Eldred



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