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By Diane Jessup
For The Sentinel 

Animal Companion: Meet the breed-the beautiful Bengal


December 4, 2019

Cats have much less "elasticity" to their genes than do domestic canines which is why there is no "chihuahua to Saint Bernard" type of diversity in feline body type like there is in dogs. Statistics make it even clearer: the FCI (World Canine Registry) recognizes nearly 350 separate dog breeds while CFA (feline equivalent) lists just over 40 distinct cat breeds. Cat breeders have to work really hard to come up with something new under the sun.

For decades the "Holy Grail" of cat breeding was to produce a "wild coat pattern" in domestic cats. Think the distinctive two-toned spots on a leopard. The Bengal cat breed is today the only breed which sports these "rosettes," and it took roughly...

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