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By Diane Jessup

Companion Animals: What do cats and rabbits have in common? Ear mites


December 18, 2019


WHAT'S IN THOSE EARS?: Dogs don't get ear mites as often as cats and rabbits, but it's still a good idea to check for the pests.

Ear mite infestations are quite common in cats and rabbits, less common in dogs. It is something the pet owner should keep in mind, since our pets can't tell us about their discomfort. With just a little bit of observation you can tell if your pet is suffering from an infestation by watching for more than usual scratching at the ears or shaking of the head.

When an infestation of mites is severe, or long term, animals often show loss of hair, scabs, and open sores on the backs of their ears caused by the claws on the back feet tearing at the skin as the animal scratches in an effort to relieve the discomfort.

Ear mites are commonly seen in cats, rabbits, and ferrets. While dogs can get ea...

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