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Restaurant changes ownership January 1


January 1, 2020

Lou Marzales

NEW BLUE SAGERS: The Blue Sage Cafe is now under new ownership. Pictured here are new owners Sunny Morgan, his wife Norma Jean Baugher, and son Gage Morgan.

The Blue Sage Café, just a little over a year old, is now in the hands of new owners.

Sunny Morgan, his wife, Norma Jean Baugher, and their son, Gage Morgan, moved to Goldendale a little over a year ago to get out of the lower Yakima Valley. After running the family fruit ranch for years, circumstances led to the sale of the ranch and the opportunity to make some other major decisions. Norma Jean retired after 20 years as a surgical technician, they packed up, made the move to Goldendale, and enrolled Gage in Goldendale High School-he is a sophomore this year.

For a while the three of them just relaxed, got acquainted with the area, and decompressed. Being avid Harley enthusiasts, they did a lot of riding, having family outings (Gage has his own bike, too) and touring the countryside in several states. They were also busy with their 15 or so years of raising Cane Corsos dogs (Italian Mastiffs), and Sunny was able to finally start working with his SPC Powder Coating business that he'd purchased the previous year.

The family became frequent customers at Blue Sage Restaurant and came to believe it was something they could do together plus contribute to this nice, new community they had become a part of. They approached Al and David, owners at the time, and struck up a deal.

Sunny and Norma Jean love the restaurant just the way it is and have no plans of changing the atmosphere or the menu. They will be retaining the current staff; one of them, Debbie, will continue to head the kitchen. She has been with Blue Sage since day one and plans to retain the standard of food quality David and she are known for. Norma Jean will rekindle her skills from her past as a cook, assisting Debbie while Sunny waits on tables and mingles with the patrons.

One of the new things they will be adding is a delivery service-they're purchasing a -three-wheel Cushman for Gage to be able to make speedy deliveries in town.

Right now their hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., but they hope to extend those hours once they get things settled and their feet firmly planted.

The family says they loves Goldendale and are so happy to be here. They are very excited to get to know more of their neighbors and look forward to serving the community when they officially take the reins Wednesday, Jan. 1.

-Reported by Peggy Woodard


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