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By Diane Jessup
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Companion Animal: A series on canine aggression – Part 4 So why do dogs bite?


January 15, 2020


WHAT'S THAT?: Pfc. Homer J. Finley, Jr. USMC, is shown with his canine leatherneck buddy, "Jan," spotting a make-believe sniper in a tree during the day's rugged training period. Pvt. Jan, a Doberman Pinscher, was enlisted by his owner for the duration.

Because dogs were developed as specialists (as described last week) with specific types of aggressive behavior either enhanced or diminished through selective breeding, it stands to reason that different types of dogs bite for different causes. And yet all canines share basic drives and instincts, so that no one breed of dog bites only for one reason or another. But as we shall see, the typical aggressive behavior of specific breeds usually follows behaviors related to their bred-in purposes.

Take a breed common around Goldendale, the Australian cattle dog, sometimes referred to as a "heeler." The very nature of this dog breed is indicated by its name; this is a breed of herding dog deve...

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