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New mobile phone scam hitting Goldendale


March 18, 2020

Reports are coming from Goldendale about a mobile phone scam. Scammers are targeting Safelink Wireless phones, which are designed for low-income users. Android phones seem to be most vulnerable.

Victims report receiving a text that appears to be from their provider offering free data. Upon responding to the text, their phone is rendered useless except for collect calls. When attempting to make a collect call, recipients get calls from a private number stating, “You have an urgent call from … The cost is 9.99 for 10 minutes, please enter your credit card number to continue.” The phone remains locked and unusable, while scammers use the victim’s service to make additional scam calls and texts.

Safelink’s tech support is unable to assist their customers with this problem and suggests buying a new phone.

It is recommended to delete or not answer coming from an unknown sender. Do not answer calls from a private number, and never give credit card information over the phone.


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