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Ogden urges anyone with emergency to contact office


March 25, 2020

March 31, 2020

Dr. James Ogden’s optometry office has been shuttered by the order to close businesses, but he remains available for emergency situations. Below he writes about his availability and urges anyone who feels they may have emergency need of his services to contact him.

The Washington State governor has ordered that all non-essential businesses be closed due to the present emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The rule is that optometry offices may not provide “routine” eye care during this time of closure. However, we are permitted to provide “emergency” care as needed. The definition of “emergency” in this case is not specified but would certainly include any medical condition such as an eye infection and any kind of eye or facial trauma as well as a sudden decrease in vision.

My opinion is that poor vision caused by broken or lost glasses that interferes with your activities of daily living or ability to do your job qualifies as an emergency. I have a good supply of spare eyeglass frame parts that we use for repairs. Also I have uncut plastic stock lenses and a 45-year-old edger with which I can make a pair of eyeglasses in about 30 minutes, if I have the right lenses in my inventory. If your glasses are lost or totally unrepairable, I may be able to make some temporary glasses to get you by until we can come up with a more permanent solution.

Although my office will be closed until we are permitted to re-open for business, I will be available by phone to deal with any emergencies that may occur. You may reach me at 250-6147. If you are not sure your eye problem is an emergency, please call me anyway. I would much rather be called and after evaluation find out you do not have a serious problem. Some eye issues that are not diagnosed at an early stage can turn into a much more serious matter if nothing is done until things have gotten out of hand and then need a referral or long-term treatment. Arranging appointments with secondary and tertiary eye care providers (like Casey Eye Institute at OSHU in Portland) at this time is extremely difficult due to the pandemic situation, and I would like to prevent such an incident if possible. I also have round-the-clock telephone backup from my friends at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute if I need some expert advice on handling a particular case. Their offices are also open for emergencies.

If you do not have insurance or money and think you have an emergency, please call. Vision is priceless! I do not want anyone to lose any of theirs over a matter of money.

I do not plan to leave town until this crisis is over, so I should be available on short notice if you call. Remember: my cell number is 250-6147. If that does not work, call 773-3172.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


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