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By Guest Editorial Jim Walter
River of Life Church 

Liberty vs. License


March 25, 2020

Growing up in the ’60s was a turbulent experience. We were struggling with race issues, the Viet Nam war consumed the news, and the flower children had all of the answers. The new norm was, “If it feels good, do it.” There was no need for conscience—that was old fashioned. If we wanted to indulge our desires, just do it. Protesting the law of the land and rejecting God’s word became one and the same. After all, we weren’t really hurting anyone…. or were we?

We still have some race issues. Viet Nam is our friend now, but we have found new enemies. The flower children “grew up” and raised a new generation of protest and dissent. Sacrificing the unborn is an easy way to sa...

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