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Who's open?


April 15, 2020

Want to know who has a right to be open these days? The State of Washington has detailed information on what is considered “essential” business.

The complete detailed list of such businesses lives online at It’s far more information than we can include in our present space. Here are the broad-stroke categories:

• Healthcare/Public health

• Emergency Services—this includes law enforcement, public safety workers, first responders, military personnel, and public works

• Food and agriculture—this includes workers supporting groceries, pharmacies, and other retail that sells food and beverage products, including but not limited to Grocery stores, Corner stores and convenience stores, including liquor stores that sell food, Farmers’ markets, Food banks, Farm and produce stands, Supermarkets, Similar food retail establishments, Big box stores that sell groceries and essentials, Restaurant carry-out and quick-serve food operations—including food preparation, carry-out and delivery food employees.

• Energy

• Water and Wastewater

• Transportation and logistics—anything to do with transportation the people who support it

• Communication and information technology—print and electronic media and the people who support those, including delivery personnel for newspapers

• Other community-based government operations—state, county, municipal, and tribal officials; courts as directed by State chief justice; elections officials; weather forecasters; childcare workers; hotel workers; musicians and artists working by streaming; outdoor maintenance; and much more

• Critical manufacturing

• Hazardous materials

• Financial services

• Chemical

• Real estate and mortgage

• Mortuary, funeral, and cemetery services

• Defense industrial base

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