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Maryhill at home


April 15, 2020

Maryhill Museum, like most of the country, is closed for now, but you can still take a virtual look at some of its exhibits:

A Particular Beauty: Romanian Folk Clothing

You can now take a virtual peek at the exhibition A Particular Beauty: Romanian Folk Clothing, which was scheduled to open March 15. Go to:

Drawn from Maryhill’s collection of more than 450 items of Romanian clothing and textiles, the display includes fully dressed mannequins, and numerous individual garments such as coats, vests, shirts and blouses.The exhibition showcases a remarkable variety of Romanian embroidery techniques, mediums, and styles that have evolved over time.

A Particular Beauty will remain on view at Maryhill through November 15, 2021, giving ample time for the public to visit once the museum re-opens.

Exquisitely Connected: A Visual Art Community-Building Project

Remember The Exquisite Gorge Project? The museum has launched a new way for you to connect with other creatives from home.

Exquisitely Connected is a visual art community-building experience that's also inspired by the Surrealist parlor game, exquisite corpse, but this time we are inviting artists to create 8” x 8” artworks that will be connected digitally.

The goal is to connect artists of all ages and abilities—virtually and literally—as each finished artwork becomes a part of a larger whole.

All you need are a few basic art supplies and your creativity. Say what you are feeling now, the hopes you want to express for the future, or create a metaphor for today’s world experience. Let your imagination run wild as we create a web of connectivity.

Go to for info on creating your piece and how to upload it so you can be part of the fun. Artwork can be submitted now through June 30, 2020.


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