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GFD now at 20 volunteers


Glenwood High School teacher and counselor Bridget McLaughlin posted an announcement regarding Glenwood seniors on virtual college signing day last Wednesday, May 13. Bridget commented, “Please join us in celebrating the 2020 Glenwood Senior Class and their future College/Technical School plans. We could not be more proud of these students.” She included a photo of each senior and their colleges, with information on each one, which you can view on the Glenwood School Facebook page. I would like to share that information for each of the seven Glenwood graduating seniors.

Chealsey Lynne will be working on her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (online) from Washington State University this fall. Andrew McFall will attend Neumont College of Computer Science in Salt Lake City, Utah, and work on his Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design. Bella Couch will be attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, to work on her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. Marquis Tyndall is deciding between two programs: Perry Technical Institute in Yakima (Electric Technology) and Columbia Gorge Community College (Associate of Arts Degree).

Seaera White will be dually enrolled with Columbia Gorge Community College and Oregon State University for the first two years at the CGCC campus. Seaera will transfer to Oregon State University for her final two years in Corvallis, Oregon. She plans to earn a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management or a Bachelor’s in Business Management. Brooklyn Emerson will be attending Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon, and working towards certifications as a Paramedic and in Fire Sciences. Kevan Bren is deciding between Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon (joining the track program as well), and Universal Technical Institute (Automotive Technician Certification). We in this community are very proud of all seven of these great seniors. Thank you, Bridget, for sharing this information with the community.

I recently wrote about four Glenwood High School students who are members of the Glenwood Fire Department. I inadvertently left out one very important senior, Andrew McFall. Andy has been a junior member for over a year, and we greatly appreciate his service to our community. Glenwood Fire Department Deputy Chief Mike Blair shared some great information regarding our fire department, and I will share it here in his own words:

“Glenwood Fire Department has already seen an increase in wildland fire activity this year. We would like to take this opportunity to remind our community to remain safe and vigilant to the dangers of fire. Don’t allow the recent unstable weather to drop your awareness of how dry our land is getting this year. We are well below average for annual rainfall and snowpack, and predictions are not showing any promising changes for the summer. Take this opportunity to evaluate your property and provide a defensive space of at least 50 feet around your structures. Provide adequate access to your property and display a visible address sign to find your home.

“Glenwood Fire Department has a current roster of 20 Volunteer personnel. Eight of these personnel are newer members including three who are Junior members under 18 years old. All personnel have been very active in training opportunities, until the covid-19 issue basically shut us down for meetings on a normal basis. We still take every opportunity to get in training when possible. All these personnel are members of the community volunteering their time to provide fire and medical response to our area. All of them have family and lives of their own but still commit to helping out when possible.

“Volunteer firefighting has evolved greatly over the years from the early days when a fire broke out and members of the community dropped everything to come help. Today’s fire service has greater demands on the volunteers, and every fire department or district in the United States battles with meeting these demands to the best of their ability and with the limitations of their budgets and member support. Our volunteers are putting in 50 to over 100 hours of training each year in attempt to maintain skills levels to safely and efficiently provide fire, rescue, and medical services to our area. Those hours do not include the hours put in on emergency response 24 hours a day.

“Glenwood Fire Department has been working extremely hard the past several years updating and replacing equipment to meet standards. Time and money have been needed to improve and update apparatus, stock and supply equipment, and to replace much needed protective equipment for our personnel to safely perform their duties. Over the past seven years we have put into service a second structural fire engine and two water tenders. These vehicles are used vehicles but new to us to improve our ability to move water and fight fire. Along with apparatus, we have also replaced structural turnout gear to meet current standards and are still in the process of replacing air breathing units for structural firefighting. All of this equipment is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time and planning to replace or update within our budget. Much of the improvements being done are not only safety for our personnel, required by state or federal guidelines, but also move us forward in improving our Fire Insurance ratings which in turn will improve fire insurance to our residents. Our current fire insurance rating is an 8 with Washington State review board.

“On a final note, we would like to thank all of our residents for your support over the years and continued support in the future. We are continuing to do everything possible, with the tools we have available, to provide the best, safest, and most efficient service possible to the entire community and surrounding area of the Glenwood Valley. Always feel free to stop by the fire hall when we are there or on meeting nights which are typically the second and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM if you have questions or comments. Current Officers in the department are Brent Gimlin - Fire Chief, Brad Gimlin - Assistant Chief, Mike Blair - Deputy Chief, and Butch Hallenbeck – Lieutenant.”

Thank you, Mike, for this great information. Glenwood community members, when you see someone you know is part of our fire department, please take time to thank him or her for service to our community. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group protecting us and our homes.

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