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By Diane Jessup
For The Sentinel 

Companion Animal: Tether Tither 2


Diane Jessup

WHERE'S HIS CAPE? This dog looks like he's flying, but he's enjoying a good run off his tether.

We have all seen the sad pictures on television ads seeking money for "humane" groups: a lonely looking dog tangled up in an overly large logging chain, a plastic crate or metal barrel serving as "shelter," an overturned water dish.

These images are used to equate appropriate tethering with inappropriate neglect. PETA types, sometimes described as "humaniacs," feel the need to regulate how everyone manages their own animals and any ideas on animal management which do not square with their own personal opinions are deemed "cruel." This causes real misfortune for many dogs and their owners when it comes to mandating how an animal can be safely and humanely confined to its owner's property....

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