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By Mildred Lykens
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Railroad safety still an issue


Sally Zitterkopf contacted Barbara Parrish, who publishes the High Prairie Newsletter, with a query: “Could you ask if anyone has 1/2 pint jars they would like to sell.” Barb forwarded it on to me and I felt if the message was sent further out into the county that she might reach more interested parties. Sally can be reached at:

Last week upon passing the East entrance to Old Highway 8, I saw three sheriff’s patrol cars in the parking lot. Deputies were out speaking to people who evidently were using the sandbar on the west side of Lyle for either kite surfing or sail boarding. We all know that the railroad has deemed it illegal to pedestrians to cross their tracks and forces the deputies to write tickets to those who do, but the group has little choice. I am not inclined to find my entertainment in either of those sports, so I am relying on the word of others who say following the small trail leading under the trestle causes more danger by stumbling and plunging into the Klickitat below than being hit by a train that one can see and hear coming. I understand the railroad’s fear of the lawsuits from those pedestrian’s families who may be injured or killed crossing the tracks and hit by the train, and I know there are those that like to see how close they can come from being hit—just showing off for others, but somehow there must be a compromise for the safety of all. I hope there can be a satisfying resolve to this issue for all concerned.

Two house fires in Lyle have left families devastated and in dire need of anything you can spare. To drop off donations for the families with children who lost everything in the downtown Lyle home (information of their clothes sizes or special needs), please contact the Lyle Service Station.

The second fire was more recent and is about Barbara Sexton’s home on Balch Road. She has lost everything, even down to the keys to her car. It is too soon to know who or where to contact on her behalf, but be assured I will find out and get back to everyone. Because she was an avid volunteer for the community, so many organizational records were lost, but the most devastation comes from the loss of her personal memorabilia and family photos that can never be replaced. My heart goes out to her especially because she is my friend.


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