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Now appearing in a sky near you: a bright, shiny comet


Troy Carpenter, Washington State Parks

Comes the comet: A comet named NEOWISE (see story below) is lighting up the sky over Goldendale. So fr it's been visible only in the early morning, but later this month it will be seen just after sunset. Goldendale Observatory Administrator Troy Carpenter tool this picture of the comet rising behind wind turbines near Maryhill State Park on July 9 at 3:42 a.m.

Troy Carpenter, Goldendale Observatory administrator, writes this account of one of the most unusual and spectacular celestial events to occur in the skies over this area.

Finally! After more than 20 years, a bright comet graces northern hemisphere skies. Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE has surprised and impressed the world by brightening considerably in recent weeks; it has been observed extensively in the low northeast with unaided vision by those who don't mind waking up two hours before sunrise.

While technically an early morning comet as of this writing, NEOWISE has become circumpolar at our latitude, meaning it never sets, and it is moving deeper into evening skies throughout the month of...

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