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Sentinel receives response from candidate


Friday, July 24

The Sentinel this morning received an email response from Dan Christopher, candidate for Klickitat County Commissioner Position 3, to a breaking news story posted yesterday fact checking claims made in a recent Christopher campaign letter. In the interests of providing all viewpoints in this election, we’ve chosen to post Christopher’s response.

Christopher wrote in his email (changes have been made only to correct spelling and grammar): “I was going to make a detailed response, but If I did they would just twist the words to make their point just like they did in this hit piece. Here are the facts. Lou looked at the meeting minutes and couldn’t find evidence that Mr. Sizemore’s quotes that I used are true or false. Period So he chose to twist and spin the results, the way he wanted to attack me without using a major fact. No mention of the candidate forum video when Mr. Sizemore said at 1:28, ‘I’m not going to dispute any of the quotes Mr. Christopher uses,’ then was cut off by the writer of this hit piece as it didn’t fit his agenda.”

An email response to Christopher was sent. It stated that for Sizemore to acknowledge saying the quotes referenced did not necessarily mean he agreed with the conclusions based on them reached by Christopher; that Marzeles was not the person who conducted the research; and that a Christopher supporter was welcome to write a letter detailing disagreements with the fact-checking story. So long as such a letter meets letter guidelines, published every week in The Sentinel on page 4, The Sentinel will run the letter.


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