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Do right for the county

I am writing to endorse and strongly support Miland Walling for Klickitat County Commissioner in District 3. I first met Miland in the early 1990s when I lived in Yakima and was instantly impressed by his unrelenting level of enthusiasm for Klickitat County.

Since that time, Miland has remained an effective voice for Klickitat County in Olympia. Miland in one of those few people who can work and be respected by people on both sides of the political aisle. His experience beginning with his friendship with Governor Booth Gardner and extending to the present day have allowed him to successfully bring together governors, legislators, and department staff in support of county projects ranging from airports to municipal water systems.

More recently while I served as Director of the Department of Commerce, Miland led efforts to raise the awareness in Olympia for the proposed $2 billion Goldendale pumped storage project. Miland put hard work and his personal credibility to bear on that project, personally scheduling multiple project briefings and site visits for a project that will bring many jobs and tax dollars to Klickitat County while further strengthening the county and state reputation as a national leader in green energy production. I participated in some of those site visits, as did my counterparts in other state agencies and I watched as Miland’s work helped build support for it.

It is a good thing that some things don’t change. That’s the case with Miland and his enthusiasm and effective advocacy for Klickitat County. Miland has helped the county do great things, and he has more in store and I hope local voters recognize that by electing him to the Klickitat County Commission.

Brian Bonlender

Former Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce

He is consistent

Chris Corry, who is our current 14th District State Representative, has a record of keeping the promises he made.

Chris Corry has worked to make school affordable, effective, and safe for all children. He sponsored a bill that would allow for school choice. He represented the majority of Washingtonians by opposing the horrendous sex-ed bill in order to protect children from being exposed to pornography at a young age in school.

Chris Corry opposed the low carbon fuel standard that would have raised our gas prices significantly without actually reducing carbon.

He has consistently opposed tax increases, which would have left more money in your pocket to give to charity or spend freely in support of our economy in the most natural way. Unfortunately, often not enough legislators have voted with him on his issue.

Chris Corry has consistently opposed bills that would infringe on our constitutional rights, including the misleading I-1639 that labeled all rifles as assault weapons and caused more restrictions.

And what are constitutional rights but those recognized by the most foundational documents for the operation of our government (the U.S. Constitution and Washington State Constitution), which are intended to preserve liberty for each one of us by protecting us from the abuses of our own government?

Chris Corry takes his oath to both constitutions seriously today, an oath which is meant to be “most binding upon the conscience” of every elected official. And that just might be the most remarkable trait of our current legislator of the 14th district.

Let’s keep Chris Corry in office because, as he states on his website, “The best ideas come from the people, not the government.”

Rachel Boyes

Skamania, Washington

Vote for integrity

Jim Sizemore’s opponent says on this own website not to look at his own policies and beliefs (wonder why?) but instead to look at Jim Sizemore’s policies and beliefs. Please do! In keeping with Mr. Sizemore’s opponent’s attempt to hide the facts, the first “question” pretends Mr. Sizemore might not support the 2nd amendment. Mr. Sizemore and the other County Commissioners (neither of whom ran misleading, negative campaigns to become commissioners) all signed a resolution stating their opposition to the horrible gun law I- 1639 but acknowledged that it is the law now. Mr. Sizemore’s opponent knows full well that Mr. Sizemore is a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment but attempts to pretend he might not be. Jim Sizemore’s opponent is trying to get people to ignore the facts.

Don’t fall for tricks! Check Jim Sizemore’s public records and vote for a commissioner who will look at issues from all sides to provide benefits for all county residents rather than only make decisions as a so-called “Real Republican.”

Vote for honesty, integrity, and no mudslinging. Vote Jim Sizemore.

Dixie Washington


She has my vote

Why would local ER doctor and mother of three Tracy Rushing run for Washington House of Representatives? I’d argue that the common thread for these three roles is someone willing to step into the gap, to project calm into chaos, and to bring empathy to a moment rife with division. I think she’s the right person for this job and for this time.

Projecting calm into chaos first requires an understanding of the chaos itself. Chris Corry ignored the looming chaos of the pandemic and abandoned his post. His lawsuit claiming that the coronavirus was not an emergency actively undermined the work of public health officials and front-line healthcare workers like Tracy.

In her role as ER physician, Tracy is calm amidst crisis, and her ability to stand in the middle of a storm is an anchor for her patients. It’s a skill I see play out every day as we raise young kids together and one that will be vital as our community navigates this prolonged emergency.

In addition to its health and economic damages, the pandemic shines a glaring light on the gaps between our professed ideals and our daily truths. We need someone willing to bridge the gap, to sit together with all voices represented. We need someone to see, someone to hear, and someone to heal.

She’s got my vote.

Chris Faison

White Salmon

Time for a change

It’s time to have accountability in spending and budget management in the county. An unbalanced budget is the result of poor planning. It’s time to stop talking about the problems that the county faces and start taking action.

Dan Christopher upholds the United States and Washington State Constitutions and defends the 2nd Amendment. He has worked harder than any other candidates to earn your support. He makes himself available every evening from 5 to 6 p.m. across from the courthouse to answer and discuss issues and questions with anyone who asks. Also you can access Dan on Facebook.

It’s time to improve the way things are done for the good of Goldendale. If you’re not moving forward, you’re not going anywhere. Is District 3 better off than it was eight years ago?

Dan has the desire and determination to work toward making our community economically strong. That will cause local businesses to thrive and built a healthy environment for the future.

Dan wants to put a stop to closed-door meetings. County business is the people’s business. When you have transparency and openness, you have a county board that is making the best and the most fair decisions.

This is a time to choose. Make a change with Dan Christopher who has a positive vision to improve the community and put people first, or stay with the same established unchanging tactics that don’t improve the community and benefit the few.

Delmer Eldred


Working together

I am one of many in the Mid-Columbia Gorge who appreciates the high quality of life available here due to abundant resources, breath-taking scenery, and fine, hard-working people. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am heartened when I see folks out and about who care enough for the well-being of our citizens and our economy to wear masks in public and to maintain social distancing. Those behaviors are choices, after all.

I urge everyone to make the choices that will get our children back into schools sooner rather than later, that will protect others—including the elderly and those with chronic health conditions—and that will allow our local economy to open up safely and thrive. Although imperfect, these measures can protect our people and help flatten the curve : 1) Stay home if sick. 2) Cough or sneeze into your sleeve. 3) Wear masks in public spaces. Avoid touching your face. 4) Stay at least six feet away from those outside your household, when possible. 4) Wash/clean your hands frequently.

I applaud all efforts to act on behalf of the well-being of our schoolchildren, our families, our high risk populations, and our local economy.

Sue Pennington

Citizen Member

Klickitat County Board of Health


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