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November 20, 2019

No, I'm not dead

I am a mentally disabled senior man, and while I was enjoying myself at the senior meal, I came home to a dark, cold house, with no electricity. I called the PUD and was told my power was shut off because someone had read my obituary and I was dead.

I told them obviously I was not dead because I was calling, so then they said for me to call back to talk to Lori. I called back to talk to Lori after I called the local paper and made sure there was no such obituary. She insisted I had to come in and show my identification and prove who I was. I told her that I should not have to come in town to bring it to her; I didn't have transportation, and this was their mistake. Also I wanted to know where this obituary was printed. She finally told me she found it on Facebook. Later on in our phone call, she checked the birthdate and realized it was the wrong person, so she apologized.

I did not know they could turn your power off because of a Facebook post. I believe this is against the law. I think I am being targeted because I am disabled or because I'm low income, and it's not right. Please let me know if you have been treated poorly by our local PUD office.

Randy Bell


How I'll vote

If the gutless Congressional Republicans thwart President Trump’s impeachment, then my Democratic presidential primary vote goes to the candidate most likely to defeat him.

Jackie Robinson’s pre-election endorsement of Richard Nixon versus Jack Kennedy in 1960 (Robinson later called it mistaken) determined my first presidential vote. That initiated my invariably policy-centered voting, recently Democratic, but defeating Trump is now my paramount goal.

Many share my emphasis. A recent poll showed 57 percent of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents favor a nominee who can defeat Trump, even if disagreeing with the nominee on most issues; only a third would pick someone they mostly agreed with but who’d have difficulty defeating Trump (USA Today, February 5, 2019).

Democratic candidates should quit squabbling and present realistic alternative policies.

Trump cruelly separates and detains asylum-seeking families; continually lies; betrays promises to low- and middle-income families (tax cuts for the richest); slanders opponents, immigrants and refugees; calls climate change a hoax; and fosters racism, hate, and violence. He encourages Russian meddling and extorts Ukrainian assistance for political gain.

Most scary is what’s fully described in books by ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Fascism; A Warning, and ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Facts and Fears. While lambasting mainstream media as “fake news,” Trump incites domestic fear and anger and destroys government institutions, leaving positions open or with his puppets; this consolidates his power, while a spineless Republican Congress acquiesces—the essence of movement towards fascist dictatorship.

Norm Luther



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